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Decision Making for Children During Divorce

  • By:JP Diener

If you live in or near the Spokane area and have contemplated divorce, contacting a local attorney could be extremely helpful. Speaking with a divorce lawyer will give you insight into how to prepare for divorce, how to decide if you want a divorce and how to make the right decisions for your children if you and your spouse decide to end your marriage.

When it comes to children, the goal is to maintain the status quo for the children. Parents will have to make choices to ensure the children can have the best quality of life possible after a divorce. This means determining if the child will live primarily with one parent or if the child will share time between the parents’ homes and what that schedule will look like. That may include having one schedule while the children are young and transitioning to a different schedule as the children get older. The parents must also decide whether or not they can make important decisions for the children together, including decisions regarding non-emergency healthcare and education.

While the divorce case is pending, it is recommended that, absent a Court order that declares otherwise, parents keep one another informed regarding important information about the children.

Feltman Ewing is qualified to provide the advice and assistance you need to sort out issues pertaining to child custody and divorce. We understand you want to make decisions that will benefit your children. When it comes to living arrangements, child support, and your children’s healthcare and education, our office can assist you in creating the best schedule for your children to ensure they are safe and healthy after your divorce.

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