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The Spokane Divorce Process

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Getting a divorce isn’t a decision you and your spouse should make lightly. It can be a very upsetting, emotional decision for you, your spouse, children, family, and friends. The more you know about the Spokane divorce process, the more you can make well-informed decisions and manage the stress that comes with legally ending your marriage.

Are you thinking about filing for divorce? Has your spouse already filed for divorce? During the divorce process, your divorce will fall into one of two categories: uncontested or contested. Contact a Spokane divorce lawyer to understand your rights and filing requirements.

The Four Basic Steps for an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce occurs when you and your spouse agree to end your marriage legally. You often agree on marital issues such as spousal support, a division of property and child custody. If this is the category your divorce falls in, then the first step will be to complete divorce forms. According to Washington state law, the divorce process starts at this point.

The divorce form is also called a Petition for Divorce. You or your spouse complete this form. This step is complete when the petition is served.  So, if you complete the divorce form, this process is completed once your spouse receives the petition.

The next step in the divorce process is to file the Petition for Divorce with the Spokane court. The petition must be filed where you live, not where you married your spouse. Before you start this process, make sure you meet the state’s eligibility requirement such as  

•  You or your spouse are legal residents of Washington state

•  The marriage is irretrievably broken

•  The 90-day divorce waiting period has passed

•  Your spouse (if you filed the petition) has been served with the divorce summons

In a separate step, the other spouse must be served with the filed divorce papers. It is the receiving party’s responsibility to sign the petition to acknowledge that they received the document. This process is called an “Acceptance of Service.”

During this time, you and your spouse should be working on resolving issues such as child custody. The last step of an uncontested divorce is to sign the final divorce petition, then file it with the court.

The divorce process can take 90 days to complete. However, it can take longer depending on specific circumstances like the number of cases filed before your case. Another factor is if you or your spouse has any objections to the petition. This is known as a contested divorce. A contested divorce may end up going to court. A Spokane divorce lawyer will explain more divorce court in Spokane.

Contact Feltman Ewing for Help with Your Divorce

Divorce can be a quick process depending on how well you and your spouse work together to resolve issues such as spousal support and division of property. It’s also important to have a lawyer who is experienced and has proven results. Feltman Ewing has helped numerous clients going through a divorce achieve outcomes in their favor. Contact us for help with your divorce case.

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