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How to Choose the Right Spokane Personal Injury Lawyer?

  • By:JP Diener

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a slip and fall incident, or if you’ve been assaulted, getting medical care and legal help should be the top of your priorities.

Getting better costs money, and it’s your right and duty to protect yourself while making sure the others aren’t in danger because of an unchecked, unaccountable problem. Here are a few details to keep in mind as you look for a Spokane personal injury lawyer to fight for your fair treatment.

Prepare A Timeline of Events

After an injury, it can be hard to remember how and why certain events happened. You’re sure about the pain but knowing everything that contributed to the event can be tricky.

It’s important to gather as much information about what happened as possible without discrediting your story or weakening your argument. Any statement you make can be used against (or for) you, so as you prepare a timeline of events leading up to your injury, try to keep the details between you and your future lawyer.

Start at the core part of the injury. What was hurt, and how did it happen? If you were conscious for the injury, what do you remember happening at that exact second?

Work your way backwards from there. Do you remember what happened just before the injury? What caused the injury? Did you see a vehicle swerving uncontrollably, or was there an unstable-looking set of boxes over your head?

Did you not see anything at all? Not seeing anything is vital for negligence cases where proper warning signage should be visible. It can also establish the presence of blind spots, which can both support your case or prove innocence if you could be considered negligent. If you or others were unconscious before the injury took place, there are state-level medical emergency laws that could affect your legal decision.

All of these details will give research material and a helpful framework to your injury lawyer, but they damage your case as well. If you misremember certain details or misspeak, a slip of the tongue could turn into an admission of guilt.

While you can defend yourself against misspeaking by presenting the facts, why create more trouble for yourself? Limit your conversations until you have a chance to speak with a lawyer to make sure that your injury timeline helps you instead of harming you.

Look for Proven Performance in Specific Injuries

If you were injured in a car accident, you want a car accident lawyer. If you were hurt in a fight, an assault lawyer is your best option. While personal injury lawyers cover a broad spectrum of situations, there are specific circumstances that could make or break your case.

The practice area doesn’t have to be in a lawyer’s title. Experienced lawyers will work on, assist, and study multiple cases, but it’s not difficult to find someone with related experience.

When talking to a lawyer for the first time, ask about their personal injury cases and specific injury experience related to your personal injury. A quality law firm like Feltman Ewing will provide references and cases to consider in assessing a lawyer’s experience.

The experience levels of the person or people defending your rights is vital. Don’t limit the experience to trials that go before a judge, since 95-96% of personal injury cases are settled before reaching a trial.

Our lawyers at Feltman Ewing have in-depth knowledge about personal injuries. Visit our website under the Practice Areas section and it will show our firm’s relevant topics, and Washington State Courts will list opinions including our experience.

The responsible parties are accountable for injury. If you’re still debating whether to act, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Contact our Spokane personal injury lawyers today to discuss your situation.

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